Zone visits & Health visits

We understand the need for affordable routine veterinary care for your horses. For this reason we offer zone visits for some routine work. These are set days where a vet is in a particular area for short duration appointments of no longer than 20 minutes, where a visit fee of only £15 applies.

Zone Visit Days:
• Zone 1 – 1st Wednesday/3rd Wednesday of the month
• Zone 2 – 2nd Wednesday/4th Wednesday of the month
• Zone 3 – 3rd Wednesday of the month
• Zone 4 – 4th Wednesday of the month
Procedures included:
• Vaccination
• Dental examination and routine rasping
• Blood sampling (as part of ongoing monitoring of a disease or for diagnosis)
• Microchip implantation
• Passport application
• Prescription medicine check-ups
Zone Visit Terms and Conditions:
• A request for a zone visit must be made by 5.30pm on the Monday prior to a Wednesday visit

• We will contact you the day prior to the visit with a 30 minute approximate window the vet will arrive with you

• A specific vet or appointment time cannot be requested

• Availability is limited, and on a first come, first served basis

• All procedural, consultation and medication fees are at the normal price, reduced fee is applicable to the visit fee only

• Payment must be made in full either by leaving payment details with the office prior to the appointment, payment by card or cash at the time of the visit (our vets carry mobile card readers). Failure to do so will result in an invoice with the full visit fee charge payable.

• Procedures and consultations are limited to those listed above, and are at the discretion of GVG Brooks Equine. The following list includes procedures and consultations not available at the reduced visit fee: lameness or poor performance investigation, emergency attendance, pre-purchase examination (vettings), insurance examination, radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, endoscopy, gastroscopy, shockwave, laser therapy, reproductive procedures.

Health visits

We care about being on top of all aspects of your equine’s health, and are now offering a range of health check packages to suit every owners needs and budget.

Early identification of potential problems allows prompt treatment, helping your horse get back to what they love as quickly as possible. Our health check visits allow time for you discuss any concerns about your horse’s health with a vet, and get advice on all aspects.

You will receive a questionnaire prior to the consultation via email or post to allow us to fully identify your needs and focus discussion on any areas of concern. Following the visit you will receive an optional written report on the vet’s findings and recommendations.

Discounts are available for multiple horses at the same yard, multiple horses with the same owner and for vaccinations as part of a primary vaccine course.

Terms and Conditions

• Health visits take place on zone days, please ensure the office are aware you are requesting this service at the time of booking to ensure the vet is allowed sufficient time

• A specific vet cannot be requested

• Consult time is limited to 30 minutes for the Health Visit, and 45 minutes for Health Visit Plus & Extra

• Health Care Visit cannot serve as a replacement for a vetting/pre-purchase examination or vetting for insurance

• Health Visit Geriatric is for horses aged 20 or over

• Geriatric blood profile can be used for horses over 15 years

• If issues are identified, further investigation and diagnostic procedures may be recommended, at an additional cost to the client