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Feeding the Older Horse

October is our veteran horse health month. As the autumn nights are drawing in closer, many owners of older horses are thinking about how they’re going to keep their horses an appropriate weight over the colder months.

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Rugs – Yay or Neigh?

Overrugging is one of the most common equine welfare problems we encounter in the UK. As the nights are drawing in sooner, getting to the yard in the dark is pretty miserable! This time of year, we often begin to consider changing management even though we may not be yet thinking winter is here. We […]

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Microchip Offer

To help our clients comply with the new equine microchipping law, we are providing microchips at a reduced fee of £15 (usually £25).

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Kissing Spines in Horses

Kissing Spines – could your horse be suffering in silence? What are kissing spines? The horse is often suffering due to chronic pain associated with the dorsal spinous processes of the thoracic spine. This is usually because the bony processes are close together, often rubbing together and sometimes overriding one another. This causes pain due […]

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Late night consultations

We understand sometimes it’s difficult to fit your horse’s appointments around the 9-5. We know you’d often like to be there when the vet comes to let you chat about your horse’s wellbeing. From 25th June, we will be offering evening yard visits for routine veterinary services. From lameness investigation to vaccination, our vets Ryan and […]

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Sweet Itch

Sweet Itch is a challenging condition affecting many horses over the spring and summer months. Are you following best practice to avoid your sweet-itch sufferer struggling this summer?

8th June

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Laminitis Alert

Laminitis is inflammation of the soft tissues (laminae) found between the pedal bone and the hoof capsule. This leads to weakening and in severe cases the pedal bone can rotate or sink and may even penetrate through the sole.

19th May 2018

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