Stud Medicine & Reproductive Services

Our reproduction services are led by Dr Meagan Burbury, who holds the post graduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice, specialising in Equine Stud Medicine.

We offer a full range for reproductive services including pre-breeding assessment of your mare, management for natural cover, Artificial Insemination with fresh/chilled or frozen semen, Pregnancy diagnosis/twin management, Infertility Investigations and Embryo Transfer. As well as healthcare for your youngstock and broodmares/stallions.

Our AI facility is at Westlands Stud, where we also advise on a semen collection and shipping service. The facilities and lab set up on the stud farm mean it is our preferred option for frozen semen AI, Embryo transfer and problem mares. If you are considering breeding from your mare or stallion please contact the practice to discuss your requirements.

Artificial Insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen

Our experienced vets can advise on the most appropriate method to achieve optimal pregnancy rates and if procedures are best performed at home or at stud. We offer competitive Veterinary fee packages for all types of AI. For further information on what is involved please see our Artificial Insemination Information page or contact Dr Meagan Burbury at the practice.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is an increasingly popular procedure to produce foals from a mare that is unable to carry a pregnancy either due to competition career, injury or in some cases illness. The donor mare (genetic mother) is inseminated with fresh/chilled or frozen semen as normal and then the embryo is flushed from the donor mare’s uterus on or around day 7 after she ovulated. This embryo is then processed and non-surgically transferred into a recipient mare’s uterus. The recipient mare’s ovulation needs to have been synchronised with the donor mares. If the transfer is successful the recipient will then carry the pregnancy to term. For further information on what is involved please see our Embryo Transfer page or contact Dr Meagan Burbury at the practice.

Mare Infertility investigations

We can offer a thorough investigation of infertile or subfertile mares. An initial history and complete gynecological examination is performed to allow us to formulate a plan for further investigation or treatment as appropriate for the individual case. Further procedures may include vulval conformation assessment/correction, intrauterine diagnostics such as swabs, smears and biopsy, hormone profiles and intrauterine therapy or lavages. Our vets keep up to date with advances in equine reproduction and can offer cutting edge techniques and access to advanced treatment procedures as appropriate.

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Twin Management

We offer routine pregnancy scanning, either as a per procedure service or part of our AI packages. Due to the nature of the equine placenta it is extremely unlikely that a twin pregnancy can be carried to term. Most twin pregnancies result in the death of both foetuses and in the worst cases the mare and both foals. For this reason, we always advise any mare which may be pregnant has at least 2 pregnancy scans. The first is conducted 14-16 days post ovulation and the second around 25-28 days post ovulation. Most twin pregnancies can be easily managed at the first scan but become more difficult to manage beyond this time.

Youngstock and Broodmare management

Our experienced vets can advise on everything from nutrition to limb conformation and disease management. Ensuring your youngstock have optimal limb conformation and healthcare allows them to reach their full athletic potential in later life. Ensuring your broodmare has appropriate nutrition and preventative healthcare will maximize the chance of a healthy foal.