August & September Dental Offer


£65 per horse

Includes: Visit fee, Sedation, Oral Examination, Routine Dental Treatments & Rasping.

Save an average of £41

If 3 or more horses at the same yard benefit from a further reduction:

£60 per horse.

Contact reception to book your visit

Terms and Conditions:

  • The majority of dentals will be performed by Dr Ryan McCarthy MRCVS and Dr Abbie Ward MRCVS
  • A specific vet cannot be requested
  • Although we will aim to book your visit on the day you request, appointments are subject to availability
  • Routine rasp may be performed with power tools and manual rasps
  • The reduced price covers routine dental work only. Advanced procedures are not included.
  • Intravenous sedation will be provided only if the attending vet believes the horse to be fit for sedation. Oral sedation is excluded.
  • The following advanced procedures are excluded: Molar extractions, incisor extractions, wolf tooth extractions, dental x-rays, diastema treatments, caries filling and bridging. This list is not comprehensive, the decision as to whether a treatment is considered advanced is at the discretion of the treating vet.
  • Saving of £41 refers to an estimate for visit to our V1 clients (closest to the practice), average intravenous sedation dose for a 500kg horse, routine rasp.
  • GVG Brooks Equine Veterinary Practice reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.